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5 Popular Features in Apps that Delight Users

You’re looking to create an app and you want it to stand out. There are so many features out there, but you don’t want to just include them all. That would cause money, clutter, and might probably backfire. Which app features truly add value and would give users a delightful experience? Read on to find out about 5 popular and successful ones.

1. Integration with social media

This feature has become a major gamechanger in an age where everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. People are social creatures who enjoy sharing updates and activities with their friends. Bump this up a level through incentives and rewards for sharing—what awaits is a win-win solution. Not only would your company receive greater traffic, brand awareness, and rankings on search engines; users also get to share stories about the product they use and love within their circle. Customer loyalty would increase while users are delighted to talk about their experience in a familiar social platform.

2. Push notifications

Want to nudge and excite users about new updates, exclusive promotions, or to send a friendly reminder? Push notifications are the perfect tool for this, with promising statistics to back it up. With a significantly higher opening rate as compared to email marketing and the majority of users opting in, they are perfect for providing real-time information to your user. It drives app engagement along with user retention. Additionally, for food delivery apps such as Grab or Deliveroo, push notifications are indispensable and highly valuable by providing time-sensitive updates on the food preparation and delivery process. Marketing tools such as discount coupons also work brilliantly to thrill users while encouraging them to spend.

Just be sure not to annoy them through excessive or wordy notifications. Take proper advantage of this feature and implement a strong strategy to keep users happy.

3. Search function

This seems intuitive and obvious, but companies usually underestimate how the search function may go a long way in improving a user’s experience on the app. A handy search bar easily removes frustration that comes with being unable to locate content. By optimizing accessibility, convenience, and remembering past searches or predicting them, users are well taken care of. This ease is particularly important especially in content-heavy apps.

4. Mobile payment

It’s 2020, and all savvy digital natives want this: a seamless mobile payment system. Incorporating this allows users to have fast and easy transactions with just a few taps on the phone. Such convenience would significantly prompt users to spend on the spot while increasing satisfaction levels. That delightfully benefits both users and you! You may consider integrating familiar services such as PayPal, Google Wallet, or Apple Pay to simplify the process.

5. Feedback system

Having a platform for your users to communicate feedback is another huge double-win for both parties. With constructive concerns, questions, and strengths/weaknesses being brought up, you are getting valuable information from targeted users themselves. It’s a golden opportunity to improve the app, reply, and engage them. With an upgraded version, users will be appreciative and even more loyal to your company for listening to them. Their success is your success.

These are the 5 popular and widely effective features that delight users. However, they are ultimately context dependent. You should choose features based on the kind of app being built. Curious and want to find out more? Drop us an email at hello@originally.us. We’ll be happy to discuss and help.

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